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Universal Elliott was started in 1985 in the garment district by my father. We have been from inception, a manufacturer of high end leather accessories.
I left medicine in the 1999 to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.
We till date, focus on development and production of high end accessories. We work with a wide range of materials from leather to sustainable green goods. We currently make accessories from fabric, cork, recycled paper, pineapple, and evey kind of leather available.


We have a full team of sample and pattern makers on hand to develop a sample from an image or a sketch. There is a full production team capable of producing mass quantities in very short lead times. All work is done on site and nothing is out sourced to avoid any delay or errors.

We are able to offer competitive pricing and cost saving techniques and technology to keep us competitive with overseas and out of state manufacturers.

Universal Elliott also caters to new startups and products by offering quick and reasonably priced samples with no minimum order quantities.

Universal Elliott caters to brands that want micro management of development and production with reliable and quick lead times.

A large portion of our business is from larger clients who have been with us for years.

  • We provide designs with the highest quality
  • We provide personalized and attentive service to build relationships with our clients
  • We are constantly dedicated to excellence
  • We provide a customized design adapted to each clients’ individual needs

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